Carefree® גלי את מגני התחתון של

Your first period? Super exciting! But what happens before it starts?

One or two years before your period starts you may experience some white spots in your underwear – we call that “discharge”. It is totally normal, it happens to all girls and you can use pantyliners to feel fresh and protected.

Carefree® pantyliners make it easy! So which one is right for you? Of course a pantyliner that gives you protection, a feeling of freshness and that fits your clothes. With Carefree® pantyliners you can tackle each day in a totally relaxed way!

Carefree® with cotton extract – your cotton-soft companion 

Whether you’re going to school, shopping or to a party: Carefree® pantyliners with cotton extract protect your underwear and give you a feeling of freshness. The breathable pantyliners contain natural cotton extract. They are soft and comfortable on your skin that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. You can also get Carefree® pantyliners with cotton extract with a gentle fresh fragrance.

Carefree® flexiform® – whatever you’re wearing 

One for all: Carefree® flexiform® fits both regular and string underwear. Now you can wear them both in normal underwear and in thongs and you’ll always be well protected. Just fold the perforated ends under the string and the liner will fit just perfectly! This quick-change artist is also available with the gentle fragrance of laundry fresh scent – as Carefree® flexiform® fresh.

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